2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

Judy Buswell’s 2018 Calendar Now Available!

Judy’s calendar for 2018 has just been released and is now available for purchase. Shown above is a picture of the front cover. Below is the back cover with thumbnails of each month’s gorgeous watercolor painting by Judy Buswell:

Judy Buswell’s new calendar featuring watercolor paintings of flowers, gardens, and more for 2018 (back side of calendar with 12-month view)

Judy Buswell’s new calendar featuring 12 watercolor paintings of flowers, gardens, and more for each month in 2018

And here are two glimpses of the individual month pages inside the 2018 calendar. Please send a message using the form on Judy’s Contact page to inquire and place your order!

Judy Buswell’s new calendar, showing the month of December 2018.

Judy Buswell’s new calendar, showing the month of December 2018. Click to view larger

Judy Buswell’s new calendar, showing the month of November 2018

Judy Buswell’s new calendar, showing the month of November 2018. Please click to view a larger image


We came home from our trip to Southern California a month early this year. We had planned to start for home on March 1st, instead, we were home by February, to our good fortune. The weather has been unseasonable warm and beautiful. Daffodils have been blooming for weeks. Weeds are in celebration mode. The fruit trees have begun to bud. My husband, Don, planted seeds for lettuce, spinach,and Swiss chard, all of which are poking through the soil, reaching for the sun. Awe, spring…awaken our souls. Can new paintings be far behind?

End of year musings.

Kayaks. This was the year of the Kayak. We bought two in May, beautiful and sleek, one bright red, one bright orange. Then, we bought two sets of racks, one set for the pick-up, another for the Prius, which later we’d figure out we really didn’t need.

We hauled our kayaks to Rocky Point on Klamath Lake where we drifted along side graceful white pelicans. On the Coquille, at Bandon, we floated,as motionless as possible, while a large herd of big-eyed seals popped up in a semi-circle around us.

Near Florence we discovered the Siltcoos, which flows past sand dunes, and giant blue hydrangeas. At the dam, there is a stairway and long chute for portaging the boats before continuing to the ocean Not to the ocean exactly, just hearing it was close enough for us.

In August, we ventured into an army surplus store in Portland. In the basement we found a double, inflatable, not so beautiful as our red and orange ones back home, but ,oh, so practical… if two septuagenarians buying three kayaks in one year can be thought of as practical.

We actually use them all when the kids are here, and the inflatable folds up suit-case-size, fitting nicely into the belly of our little travel trailer, where we hauled it to Victoria, BC this fall, and in a few weeks, we’ll be carrying it the same way to Palm Springs. Okay, so maybe there isn’t much water in Palm Springs, but we’ll be ready just in case.


New Website, Thanks.

Judy Buswell, Watercolor artist, with her dog Rusty

Rusty and me celebrating our new website!


Welcome to our new website. I hope you find it easy to use.

Today I’m sitting in Hannah West‘s office learning how to blog. She’s my web designer, and being very patient. Thanks for finding us at our jazzed up, online home.


My blog today is from Bas and Lynn Vanderzolm’s blog: On the road with Bas and Lynn

It all started with tulips.

Actually they were topsy-turvy tulips.

My (Lynn) Wheaton friend Sue gave me a beautiful tray made from a painting of topsy-turvy tulips. Sue and I are both Dutch-American women, and we give each other gifts that have tulip motifs.

In fact, for years Sue and I gave each other gifts in boxes – five different boxes – that were covered with a tulip gift wrap paper that I found in Wheaton.

After Bas and I moved to Oregon, we learned that the watercolorist who painted the topsy-turvy tulip painting – Judy Buswell – lives in Oregon. One day on our way to the Oregon coast, we stopped at the Judy Buswell Gallery in Willamina, Oregon. We were delighted to learn that Judy herself was in the gallery that day. We met both Judy and her husband, Don, and thoroughly enjoyed talking with the two of them. We learned that Don had picked the tulips for the topsy-turvy tulip painting at their neighbor’s house. I told Judy and Don about my friend Sue and the fact that she had given me my first “Judy Buswell” item.

While looking at Judy Buswell greeting cards in her gallery that day, I discovered one with the exact pink tulips that are on the gift wrap on the boxes that Sue and I had used for years when we exchanged gifts. I gasped. I had had no idea the pink tulips on the gift wrap came from one of Judy’s paintings.

Since that day in the gallery, Don and Judy have become good friends. Judy has donated artwork to the Medical Teams International auctions. We have had dinner together many times, both at our homes in Oregon and when we’ve both been camping in southern California.

Don and Judy love life. They love to explore. They love to laugh. They love people. They love learning new things. As a result, we have loved being with them. They are both interesting and interested

So, on the final day of our cross-country road trip, we stopped to spend a night with Don and Judy at their home in southern Oregon..

Throughout the kitchen were baskets with fruits and vegetables, artfully arranged. On the walls hang Judy’s watercolors picturing other baskets with fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

We had a lovely salmon dinner – after all, we’re back in a Oregon! – and great conversation.

Ever-present through the dinner, but very courteous, was Rusty, the labradoodle that Don and Judy won at a Medical Teams International auction several years ago. His sweet and energetic presence has changed their lives.

Before we left, Judy and I found one of her pink tulip paintings and recounted again how our friendship started so many years ago.





Pink Cosmos

Pink Cosmos

Pink Cosmos

Original Watercolor on Paper

Catalog Number JB360

21″ x 14″


Artist’s Comment

I used to grow Cosmos when we lived in Willamina, where the sun and rain came in equal proportions. I love their dainty, gentle way of being. The hope is, to capture this quality in my painting.


Pink Cosmos, Catalog Number JB-360. 21 x 14 original still life watercolor painting with flowers and a pear by Judy Buswell. $600

October Offering

October Offering

October Offering

Original Watercolor on Paper

Catalog Number JB363

21″ x 16″


Artist’s Comment

A few cosmos, many fall leaves, and several pears from our orchard… all warm in color and feeling. That’s the essence I wanted to capture in this October painting.

October Offering, Catalog Number JB-363. 21" x 16" original still life watercolor painting with flowers and pears by Judy Buswell. $600


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